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Make Your Own TikTok

If you haven’t heard of TikTok, chances are you’ve been living under a rock! TikTok has taken the online world by storm and has been a massive internet craze especially among the younger generation.

The app’s main purpose is creating and sharing short-form videos, many of which are “lip-syncing” videos or comedy skits backed by music and other sound clips.

But unlike other social media apps such as Vine, YouTube or Instagram, TikTok has not yet been dominated by micro-celebs and features lots of everyday users — aka amateurs — doing something hilarious or clever. TikTok challenges have gained huge popularity in the last few months with heaps more people at home online getting involved in the action. In a nutshell, these challenges are any idea that goes viral such as songs, activities or dances that start trending and get copied by other TikTok users. Sometimes they’re spontaneous internet jokes, or else they’re planned out by brands, music artists or influencers on the platform.

Got your attention? You can create your very own TikTok with the family in 5 easy steps.

1. Set Up Your TikTok Account

Simply go to the Android Play Store or Apple Store on your smart phone and search for the TikTok app. Once installed, sign up to create your own personalised account. Set a profile picture and choose an appropriate nickname for your family profile.

2. Navigate to Plus” Sign

Once you’ve opened up the TikTok app, click the white “Plus” sign at the bottom of the app’s home screen. It allows you to make your own TikTok videos or you can also upload a video from your phone’s gallery. Tap on that “Plus” sign to start beginning your video recording. You have to allow the app to access your phone’s camera and microphone to proceed.

Perform A Duet

TikTok has a feature that allows two users who aren’t in the same place to perform a duet. The only prerequisite is that both users must follow each other to make it work! One user creates and posts a video, and then a mutual follower can tap the “…” icon at the bottom right of the video and select “start duet now!” The second user can then lip-synch along with the first person, either swapping back and forth or in a split screen. A super fun and interactive play to challenge your family friends to a viral challenge.

3. Choose Music

You’ll find the option to choose music or pick a sound at the top of the screen, tap and the music menu will open. You’ll find a variety of songs in the TikTok library – select and preview a song that you wish to insert in your video. There’s also a search option if you have a particular track in mind and can’t find what you’re looking for.

4. Create Your Video

After selecting a song, tap the “Confirm to use and begin shooting” button. Press and hold the red video camera circle to start filming your video. TikTok allows up to 15 seconds long videos when you shoot within the app, otherwise you can upload up to 60 seconds long videos from your phone’s gallery. Once finished shooting, tap on the red checkmark button to save the video.

5. Edit Your Video

Now you can proceed on to the editing screen where there are various options to edit your video or crop your masterpiece. You can mix up the song, adjust the volume or cut sound at any moment. You can also add special effects, stickers, text and filters to your video to add context or emphasise your message. Next, it’s time to tap on the “Next” button to add a customised title/caption of video, hashtags, etc. to help your TikTok get found online.

To publish your finished TikTok to the app, tap on the “Post” button to push your video live.

Considering you’re posting this TikTok as a family activity, it’s important that you are completely comfortable with the privacy settings of your account and of your video.

If you wish to make your TikTok account private follow these Instructions:

Go to your profile page and select the three-dot icon in the top-right corner.

Select Privacy and Safety. There, toggle the switch for “Private Account.” You can also select who can send you comments and direct messages, and who can do a duet with you. Using the “Friends” setting or turning those features off completely limits contact with strangers.

Privacy Matters >>As with all social media networks, it’s important to monitor and track your child’s activity online. Here are some parental tips to ensure that your kids use the TikTok platform safely at all times. >> https://www.commonsensemedia.org/blog/parents-ultimate-guide-to-tiktok

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