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How to make your own Fairy/Dinosaur garden

Making a dinosaur or fairy garden is a fantastic way to entertain the kids away from a screen and teach them about gardening in a creative and imaginative way!

How to create a Dinosaur Garden

If your little ones love dinosaurs, then they’re really going to dig making this garden come to life!

What you need:

  • Terracotta bowl
  • Potting mix
  • Some grasses, succulents & ground covers
  • Gloves
  • Pebbles
  • Dinosaurs

Step 1

Fill your terracotta bowl with potting mix and smooth down soil

Step 2

Transfer your chosen plants. We recommend teasing out the roots before planting to ensure optimum growth. Place taller plants at the back and smaller plants towards the front. Different heights and foliages help achieve that natural garden look. Snuggle them in and make sure to cover all the roots with soil.

Step 3 

Add your pebbles. Leave an open area in the middle to add your pebbles. Place white pebbles near the middle and use the blue pebbles to create a water feature at the front.

Step 4

Add your dinosaurs! Creating a miniature dinosaur garden is a great opportunity to teach kids about these extinct giants, all about the different species, what they are and where they lived. 

Kids must make sure that they look after their jurassic world and water the plants regularly so they have happy dinos that can live in their new home for a thousand more years!

Source: https://www.bunnings.com.au/diy-advice/kids/craft/how-to-make-a-dinosaur-garden

How to make a Fairy Garden

Does your young one love fairies? Then why not make an enchanting to attract real fairies. This is a fun and easy gardening activity for kids and will bring hours of imaginary play.

What you need:

  • 1 x shallow wooden box (about 60cm x 50cm is ideal)
  • Small pot plants and some flowers
  • 1 x small dish (for a pond)
  • Shells and pebbles (from the beach)
  • Soil from the garden or potting mix
  • 1 x small packet of decorative pebbles 
  • 1 x small terracotta pot (to make a fairy grotto)
  • 1 x small decorative frog (to guard the garden while the fairies are away)

Step 1

Fill the wooden box with soil.

Step 2

Dig a shallow hole for the pond. Put the dish in place, then surround it with pebbles or shells.

Step 3

Place your plants in the garden and smooth the soil over.

Step 4

Place the terracotta pot on its side to make a fairy grotto. 

Step 5

Cover the soil with decorative pebbles. Use the large beach pebbles to make a stepping stone path.

Step 6

Carefully fill your fairy pond with water. You can let your child’s imagination run wild and create some fairy furniture out of paddlepop sticks. Watch the video below to get inspired for your own fairy garden.

Source: https://www.kidspot.com.au/things-to-do/activity-articles/make-a-fairy-garden/news-story/3954737cf9fa5bbb6fea0e16469b5573