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Audiobooks are an invaluable way to increase your health, wealth, and wisdom while relaxing in the comfort of your lounge room or even just pottering around the house or garden.

Here we’ve rounded up our top 3 audiobooks of the moment to download and tune into. Get inspired by our dream audio library for your listening pleasure.

1. Challenge Accepted!- Celeste Barber

Comedian, Instagram sensation, international queen and now bestselling author, Celeste Barber’s Challenge Accepted! is a hilarious and outspoken guide to life.
Challenge Accepted! is part memoir, part comedy routine, part advice manual. Raw and ridiculous in true Celeste Barber style, the social media icon calls out our obsession with celebrity Instagram culture while revealing her thoughts on keeping it real, the secrets to love, friendship, family and marriage to #hothusband.

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2. The Resilience Project

Hugh van Cuylenburg was a primary school teacher volunteering in northern India when he had a life-changing realisation: despite the underprivileged community the children were from, they were remarkably positive and resilient in contrast to the young people he knew at home in Australia.

The Resilience Project shares a clear-eyed insight blending humour and poignancy explaining how we can all get the necessary tools to live a happier and fulfilling life by possessing gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

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3. Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection

Sherlock Holmes is one of the world’s greatest detectives with a classic series that’s been a massive hit with mystery buffs across the globe. This Definitive Collection is narrated by Stephen Fry. A lifelong fan of detective fiction, Fry has narrated the complete works of Sherlock Holmes – four novels and five collections of short stories with nine insightful, intimate and deeply personal introductions to each title. A captivating listen from beginning to end.

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What audiobooks are you rating at the moment? Let us know so we can keep the book recommendations coming!

The links provided are to Audible, a subscription based audiobook library which offers a 30 day free trial to new members. So, if you’ve never tried an audiobook then this is a great way to see if it is your thing. If not, no worries you can cancel any time before the 30 days are up!